Persona Q Limited Edition 3DS XL Firmware

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    Hello all,

    I was finally able to locate one in my city, but does anyone know what firmware is on the system out of the box? I know it came out on November 25, 2014 which was four days earlier than the Crystal Blue 2DS (which I also own)

    With my 2DS it had 7.2.0-17 and it's currently on 9.2.0-20 waiting for the arrival of the Gateway card.
    I just wanted to know what firmware the XL had, and if there is a way to update it to 9.2.0-20 using a tunneled IP, because as soon as I pop a game it I would assume it would want me to update to 9.4.0-21.

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    Super necro boost, but I was searching for this answer before not being able to find anything and bit the bullet.

    These ship with 8.1 in the US. Very exploitable.
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