Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night Yukari and Ryuji trailers

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    Atlus has put up two trailers for their two upcoming Persona spinoff dancing games; Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night, and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night. Both trailers feature snippets of original animation for the game, as well as focusing on specific characters from each game respectively. In this case, it's Persona 3's Yukari Takeba and Persona 5's Ryuji Sakamoto. Both titles will be launching in Japan on May 24 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. These games have yet to get a western release confirmation, though the possibility is highly likely as the previous game, Persona 4: Dancing All Night received a localization.

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    Nah. I will pass. It is not my thing.
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    Why what? @haxan

    Anyways I can't wait for these to come to the west; as I love Persona 4: Dancing All Night.
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    Man, I remember when Atlus made a cross over with Fire Emblem. I remember how pissed people were when they seen the end result. This game kinda reminds me of it.
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    I think I have the plot synopsis for Persona 3: Dancing Moonlight right here:

    But, no, seriously, this game looks... alright, I guess? Persona 3's plot doesn't lend itself well to dancing, really.
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    looks clean but i wish there was more news for persona q 2
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    Dancing games?

    Persona's more "weeb" than I thought.
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    This reminds me that I need to jump back into persona4. I like how atlus treats this series. Even its not something I would personally play its good to see fresh stuff.
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