Pensions, are you doing anything about one?

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    So the radio today was going on about pensions and how the UK state pension age might be raised into the 70's and beyond.
    Recalling a similar thread a few years back on life insurance ( ) I reckoned pensions would be an OK as a thread topic here.

    Personally even if I could have afforded it I would not have done anything, mainly as I am trying for reverse retirement, which is to say rather than dragging my failing meat sack around in several decades (I am not banking on medicine being able to do it for me, someone 30 years younger than me though is a different matter) if I can mess around while it still functions instead then it is even better.
    Among friends the state of such things varies wildly. Some consider it of huge importance and are aghast at my lack of concern or anything done for it, some have something they have by default, some are going the alternative investment path and others are doing even less than me.

    What is your setup (assuming you care to share), is having more than a state pension important and what are your observations of others you know?
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    TBH if I went 40+ years thinking I'd get to retire at 62 or whatever then once I am 58 they then change the age to 70+ I'd be pretty pissed. I now have to work another 10 years to be able to retire with a pension just because the state wants to say so.