Penko DS ver 0.2 Alpha

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    Penko DS ver 0.2 Alpha

    MSX Emulation on the DS

    PenkoDS, an MSX emulator for Nintendo DS, has been updated to version 0.2 Alpha

    • Bug fixes: transparency in mode 2
    • Bug fixes: files redundancy.
    • Performance: better DLDI support, 1:1 emulation.
    [​IMG] Penko DS ver 0.2A DLDI

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    MSX is a very underrated machine, lots of great games appeared on that, sadly my CF got knackered last weekend but getting new one tomoz, can't wait to play!
  3. Arm73

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    Mar 4, 2006
    Yeah I used to have an MSX 2+ around 1988-90's and it was indeed a great machine.
    Excellent graphics and unbelievable sound !
    The games from Europe were mostly ports from the ZX Spectrum for the simple MSX machines, but the true great games were the Japanese ones from Konami, Capcom,Compile and Bandai that introduced some of the most famous franchise like Castlevania(Vampire Killer was it called) or Metal Gear right there on their home computer.

    I tried PenkoDS 2.0a the other day(I was aware of this release because I check the french site were the author writes) and unlike the previous version it didn't recognize any game unless patched for dldi.
    Once I performed the patching for the Supercard SD it was working like a charm.
    The sound has been improved somehow, but still it need a litte more speed to be perfectable enjoyable.
    But all in all it's a great release, and hopefully it will get better and better, in particular I love the user interface, very easy and stylish(like a MAME fronted somehow), although I miss a few option like remap the keyboard on the DS or manage more directories.
  4. Shtroodle

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    Does Penko DS emulate MSX2 or just MSX? I don't really know what are the differences between those two, I'm just asking cause I'd like to know if there is a possibility of running "Snatcher" on a DS.
  5. Arm73

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    Mar 4, 2006
    Yes, it does run MSX2 games as well as MSX .
    It recognize ROM and DSK images so far, which is the things that matter most, even though I have a few TAP images for older MSX games that I would like to try, but those games are likely to be found in DSK format as well.