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    Apr 7, 2020
    Hello! Name's LiL Pea PoDD. (You guys know me as Tom Rannd)

    I've only been making music for a week now, and think I'm pretty darn good at it. I would love some feedback(good and/or bad) too!

    All of these are sampled loops and melodies, free for use in both personal and profitable music production. If you have any concerns in whether or not I have the rights to use these tracks, send me an
    email at [email protected]

    You may also email me for requests, possible collabs, etc. I love talking to people!

    I would really appreciate if no one stole these beats, however I am aware that this isn't going to be 100% avoidable. So please, be a decent human being and don't fucking steal my hard work.

    Enjoy the album!

    Ahem, right so I figured I'd share my music here, be a good place to start up I hope? Doesn't really matter. I don't plan on becoming super big or whatever but anyways here's a Mediafire link to the .ZIP file including all the songs.

    Let me know if the link gives you troubles.

    Total album length is 01h15m33s but most of the beats are simply loops. However, if you get the chance listen to both the beginning and endings of the songs because they really set the scene.

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