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    Game Information
    Title- Savage 2: A Tortured Soul
    Developers- S2 Games
    Publishers- S2 Games
    Released- January 16, 2008
    Genre- Strategy/Action-Shooter
    Rated- T for Teen
    Official Site: http://www.savage2.com/en/main.php

    Well this is my first review submission to GBATemp and I have decided to review a conquest-like game called 'Savage 2: A Tortured Soul". Before I start my review I will give a brief introduction about the game. Savage 2 is a game created by S2 Games, players are divided into two teams; The Legion of Man, and The Beast Horde. The developers have combined many elements found in other game genres which I will be discussing about later on this review. This game seems pretty underrated so I bet many of you here at GBATemp may not have heard about it.

    If you may have read on the 'Game Information' section above then you would know that Savage 2 isn't a game that can be categorized into a specific genre. Why, you may ask. That reason is that the game has elements of a first person shooting games, real time strategy games, and also from action games. Savage 2 has two different game modes. The first I will be talking about is the first/third person conquest mode, where the player is a soldier of either The Legion of Man or The Beast Horde. The objective is simple, destroy the enemy team's main base (Stronghold for The Legion of Man and Lair for The Beast Horde) and try to attack the enemy soldiers. While the player is a soldier they are able to use skills and change different weapons by pressing the number keys (like a MMORPG) there is a little bar located at the bottom. When killing enemies or destructing various buildings you will gain experience to level up and gold to spend on items. When you level up you will get attribute points to spend on you're character. The second game mode takes the player in the spot of the commander but not in a first/third person perspective but a top-down view like a classic Real-Time strategy game (Example: Starcraft, Warcraft [Not WoW], and Command & Conquer). While playing as the commander, the player must command the other players (soldiers) on where to attack, defend, patrol, etc. and will be able to construct secondary bases, gold harvesting factories, and other buildings used to upgrade different spells, units, etc. There are skills that the commander have to aid team mates and to inflict on enemies. Being the commander is a very hard job, which I can't explain much here because you have to play the game to find out. You can also upgrade you're account for $9.99 to a premium account giving more features.

    Onto the graphics portion of this review. When I first played the game I wasn't very surprised to see the relatively good/okay graphics. Although I really can't complain since the game was originally released in early 2008. There were many things going on at once with the game while I was playing the first/third person mode, my graphics card is pretty outdated (2004 graphics card?) and my cpu was also outdated made the frame rate terrible (14 FPS) on medium/high quality so i had to switch to the lowest settings to play at full speed. I liked the many visual effects, and minor details in the graphics, which probably was good at the time.

    What can I say about sound... hmm, well first of all there isn't really much variety among the audio, making it very repetitive. Although it fits nicely with the game itself, the audio is quite simple and generic.

    Lasting Replay
    Aside destroying main structures, and killing enemies with you're ranged/melee/skills and commanding you're team there isn't much re-playability value. There are also many mods though, and an additional duel mode. Though there might not be as much content packed into this game it is still great to play once or twice a day.

    Savage 2: A Tortured Soul is a wonderful game that I recommend people try out. If I had not mentioned that the game is free with additional paying options than I apologize. Hopefully the developers will try and create a game with more modes, and content, but I applaud the developers for this finished product of this game.

    Gameplay: 9/10
    Graphics: 8.5/10
    Sound: 7/10
    Lasting Replay: 7/10
    Overall: 7.5/10 (Not an average!, Gameplay and Lasting Replay is weighted more while Graphics and sound is weighted less)

    Warning: Spoilers inside!
  2. zhuzhuchina

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    Mar 17, 2008
    nice game, should add a coplay mode, so one can build and another go to kill in first person .
  3. Bently

    Bently GBAtemp Fan

    Sep 17, 2009
    There is a mode like that o_o, unless im not being too clear on what im saying that I should amend that to my review.
    So one person plays as a commander (RTS-styled gameplay) and you're other team mates are playing as soldiers (First/Third person).
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