PC Gaming Show E3 2021 roundup - Pikmin-like 3D platformer Tinykin announced

Day 2 isn't quite over yet. After the showings from Microsoft/Bethesda and Square Enix, it's up to the PC Gaming Show to liven up the party. With Valve in attendance for a possible announcement, SEGA planning to take the stage, and other big names, we can only hope it'll be good. Tune in at 5:30 ET, or check the beloved E3 countdown clock to see when it begins. You can very much expect us to cover every reveal, right here, live.

Live Coverage

Naraka Bladepoint is the first game. The samurai battle-royale game shows a trailer of its latest gameplay. Global launch is August 12.

Humble is publishing a dodgeball based game. You play with three players on each side, with special attacks and wild gameplay. Dodgeball Academia launches this year.

Torn Banner Studios is here to talk about the recently launched Chivalry 2. They plan to release future content updates for the game.

Splatoon meets Overcooked meets Rocket League in Rawmen.

Techland is next, with the narrative director of Dying Light 2. The backstory of the main character is detailed, giving us an idea of some of the story elements. He was operated on as a child alongside his sister, but the two were separated.

Humankind is a strategy game from Amplitude and SEGA. The goal is to create civilizations and build them up. A closed beta begins today. Launches August 17th.

2D action metroidvania game They Always Run announced. Coming soon.

Orcs Must Die! 3 launches July 23rd. As the previous games, it's a tower defense game. Playable solo or coop. There are two new campaign modes. It takes 25 years after the second game. Scramble introduces RNG into the gameplay to mess with the player. War Machines are environmental traps. Launches on Steam, PS, and Xbox.

Vampire the Masquerade: Swansong is next. You escape from a mental ward to seek the truth.

This game is a 4-player party brawler with mechs. GigaBash is the name.

Lemnis Gate launches August 3rd, with an open beta in July. It's a turn-based-FPS made by Rat Loop Games. You get 25 seconds to move your character and attack, then you're frozen and the next player gets to attack or retaliate. There are multiple game modes.

Next Space Rebels lets you make rockets with all sorts of weird parts. Part Kerbal Space Program, part influencer management sim.

WarTales is an open-world medieval isometric RPG. You control a group of mercs. Launches this year.

Ixion is a space sim management game. It's all about being the master of your own destiny, trying to find what lies in wait in space. 2022.

Far: Lone Sails developer has a new game. This one is also about the sea and ship building. Far: Changing Tides.

Another sim game. It's about medieval royalty. You marry your character off, start a family, and build a legacy. Lakeburg Legacies.

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries. You can partially destroy mechs and hijack them for yourself. There's a new DLC pack alongside a ton of fixes and updates. There's a new career mode, and you can import your save.

Silt is another indie game shown.

Hello Neighbor 2 announced.

Jurrasic World Evolution 2 introduces new dinosaurs, including aquatic ones.

Publisher New Blood showed a highlight reel. Bloomwood is inspired by System Shock and is their new biggest game.

Steam Next Fest will be an event where you can play all sorts of indie game demos to see upcoming PC games.

An anime action game called Soulstice was teased. It looks very Platinum Games-y.

Chaos Gate is a Warhammer spinoff coming 2022, a cinematic trailer will drop this August.

This FPS has some RPG elements such as dialogue choices. It's called Pioner.

EVE Online is next, as developers talk about the game.

Lumberhill is an online co-op game where you need to chop trees and build bridges faster than your opponents. Q4 2021.

Procedurally generated dungeons, mutations, and roguelike elements are part of this latest game, launching August 2021.

Tinykin is an indie game about being the size of an ant. You collect little creatures sort of like Pikmin that help you solve puzzles. It has stylized art sort of like Paper Mario, in a way. 2022.

Chernobylite is another game about irradiated Russia.

From the devs of Regalia: Men and Monarchs is a new 2D RPG that uses real-time and turn-based combat, blended. Tales of music composer is involved. It's called Sacrifire.

Survival crafting game. Icarus.

Dungeon crawler zombie game Mecha Jammer revealed.

The Wandering Village takes place on a giant terrarium dinosaur that walks around.

Another 2D isometric action game with RPG elements. Death Trash.

Songs of Conquest has hyper-detailed spriteart. It uses a grid-based battle system. You control an army. It's inspired by Heres of Might and Magic. 2022.

Remake yourself with all sorts of skills. Citizen Sleeper releases 2022, has cyberpunk and anti-capitalist story elements.

Doom-like shooter where you have guns, swords, and magic. Project Warlock 2. June 29th.


  • Naraka Bladepoint launches August 12th
  • Orcs Must Die! 3 launches July 23rd
  • Lemnis Gate is a turn-based FPS, launches August 3rd
  • Hello Neighbor 2 revealed
  • Soulstice is heavily inspired by Platinum Games combat, it's made by Reply Game Studios.
  • Tinykin launches 2022, has gameplay where you collect small creatures to use in order to solve puzzles, almost like Pikmin.
  • Sacrifice is from the Regalia: Men and Monarchs devs, featuring music from the Tales series composer.
  • Songs of Conquest is inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic, it's a sprite-based game set in medivel times, it's a strategy game.


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Sacrifice is from the Regalia: Men and Monarchs devs, featuring music from the Tales series composer.

I think that's SacriFire. I really thought it was a Sacrifice remake or sequel or something. I immediately searched for it so I could hype for one of the most interesting game back in the day. Too bad, it was not. I was disappointed.

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