Payload invalid after move to new SD? Homebrew Launcher frozen!

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    Dec 24, 2015
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    Firmware 11.5.0-38U

    (After dragging and dropping the contents of my CFW from a 16 gb to 128 gb SD - 32 KB Cluster)

    When I power on my 3DS while holding START to launch GodMode9, the following message appears

    An error has occurred:
    "The payload is invalid or corrupted"
    Press any button to shut down

    GodMode9 will work as intended before I drag and drop the folders of my jailbreak to a new SD card.
    Something isn't transferred correctly using the normal "copy & paste" method.
    What am I missing when moving CFW files to avoid data loss/payload corruption?
    Thanks for your time.

    History of my CFW below

    I used this tutorial for Luma/a9lh installation

    How to install A9LH + Luma CFW in 11.3.0-36 [SAFEHAX] (OLD/NEW 3DS or 2DS) w/ KevExperience!

    and updated from A9LH to B9S according to the guide here as best I could...

    Other critical issues are the Freeshop giving me a "Failed to finalize content"
    after downloading/while installing CIAs and Homebrew Launcher freezing when loading any .3dsx.
    Maybe I could inject FBI over Health & Safety and install the latest Freeshop cia (unless it auto-updates) (assuming that it isn't broken by my defective jailbreak). The Homebrew Launcher seems to be crashing after updating Luma from 6.6 and A9LH to B9S. Also, .3dsx apps freeze even on my 16gb SD before anything is moved to the new SD.
    I didn't test the Freeshop to see if it would install before SD migration.

    I already tried USB Image Tool to clone my 16 gb SD (which resulted in a drive with errors that were only "fixed" by the Windows scan tool) and then EaseUS Partition Master to use unallocated space after restoring from the backup to a new 128gb Samsung EVO MicroSD with adapter.

    Here's what I have on my 128gb SD. It is identical to what exists on the 16gb aside from GodMode9 payload corruption after copying. Wish I knew what was missing.
    SD Contents.jpg
    SD Contents 2.jpg
    How can I repair broken features of my jailbreak or migrate to a new SD without losing information?
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    Feb 13, 2015
    Your console is fine, arm9 homebrews aren't tied to the console and much less to the SD

    Some files simply got corrupted as you copied them to the new card, I would consider erasing the card with Panasonic's SDFormatter enabling the "format size adjustment" (repartitioning) option and testing the capacity with H2testw

    If it passes then it was just a one-off screwup (or problems with the computer...)

    Why bother with a disk imager either? Just use a proper fat32 formatter and copy/paste files :)