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    PassWe 3 [​IMG]
    Supplied by Shop @ 01 media
    Manufactured by: www.ewinflash.cn

    By shaunj66 - 26th August 2006


    Hello again! Welcome all to yet another GBAtemp.net review of a DS pass card. [​IMG]

    This time we'll be taking a quick look at the PassWe 3 from the eWin flash team.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The PassWe 3 is a NoPass device and is the same size as a regular DS game card.

    Here is the manufacturers features list:

    Features of the PassWe 3
    • "Access media from any GBA Flash storage device"
    • "Use homebrew GBA software on your DS"
    • "Compatible with most types of flash card"
    • "Original Size"
    • "NDS,NDSL and IDS compatible"
    • "Sleep mode support"
    • "Without any flashing of firmware."
    • "Without any setting,just plug and play"
    • "With Super Cards/Ewin2/G6..."
    Packaging and Contents

    The PassWe 3 arrives in a small and slim cardboard box. On the front is a features list in Chinese, and on the back is the typical "Engrish" translation.

    The PassWe 3 is found inside sat in a small plastic tray.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    It's a nice little box and looks quite professional.

    Box Contents
    • 1x PassWe 3
    Nothing else can be found in the box. No manual, not that you should need one. You can't really go wrong with a NoPass card. (Hint: It goes in the DS slot [​IMG])

    The PassWe 3

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    As I've mentioned already; the PassWe 3 is a NoPass device. If you don't know what that is then I suggest you go and brush up on your DS lingo by reading our GBAtemp Glossary.

    When you compare the PassWe 3 with a regular DS game card, you can see that they size up exactly the same. The plastic casing of the PassWe 3 is identical to that of an official Nintendo DS game card. Even the colour of the plastic is the same!
    The PassWe 3 is also incredibly light when compared to a real game card.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    As you can see in the picture below, the PassWe 3 fits flush in the DS slot.

    The PassWe 3's build quality seems great! The plastic doesn't flex or creak, and the casing is glued shut rather than screwed together.
    It slots into the DS slot just like a regular card without any kind of force or strange noises. [​IMG]


    Using the PassWe 3

    As a NoPass device, the PassWe 3 does not require any kind of programming or configuration to get it to work on any DS console. It also means you don't have to have an original DS cart inserted into it like an old style PassMe.

    Using the PassWe 3 is as simple as can be. Just insert it into your DS like a regular game card, turn on the console, and let it boot into the main DS menu.


    The PassWe 3 shows up like a regular game as you can see above. Tapping on the icon or pressing 'A' when highlighted will boot into the PassWe 3.
    Fortunately the PassWe 3 does NOT have a splash screen, this means it boots straight into the adapter in your GBA slot.

    The PassWe 3 is compatible with a wide range of adapters.

    Here are some I have tested it on that work just fine:

    Compatible Adapters
    • Supercard SD
    • Supercard Lite
    • M3 Adapter SD
    • EZ Flash IV Lite
    • eWin 2 series (micro, mini and SD)
    All adapters should be compatible, hopefully we can update this list as more are tested. Or keep an eye on Qrayzie's Pass Card compatibility list.

    One thing to note is that the PassWe 3 does not have any EEPROM embedded into it. This means that if you plan to use the PassWe 3 in an old school set up, such as with an old GBA flash cart and the NDSpatcher utility then you won't be able to save your game. But again, fortunately, this does not affect newer flash kit solutions such as the Supercard series, M3 series, EZ Flash IV or eWin series and more. So it shouldn't affect you unless you know you're going to need it.

    The PassWe 3 also supports sleep mode just like they said it does! I've tested it and sleep mode works just fine!



    The PassWe 3 is a fine little pass card and does exactly the job it is intended to do.

    The build quality is great, and it supports sleep mode and a wide range of flash kits. The only possible downside is that there is no embedded EEPROM, but that shoudn't bother anyone these days!

    One last thing I should mention is the price. The PassWe 3 is the CHEAPEST NoPass solution on the market which makes it even more desirable.


    As of 25th September 2007

    With the emergence of slot-1 solutions, it appears that passcards such as this one have become completely obsolete.
    This device did its job (and did it well) when we needed it, but now for any slot-1 owner it isn't much more useful than a piece of plastic. However if you feel compelled to use a slot-2 flashcart for some reason, you might find this device a good solution.

    + Available for cheap!
    + Tiny! DS card sized
    + Compatible with DS, DS Lite and iQue DS
    + Supports sleep mode
    + Great build quality
    + Supports a wide range of flash kits
    + Doesn't need to be programmed/configured
    + Very simple to use
    + No splash screen

    - No on board EEPROM
    - Consumes a small amount of battery life like any other pass card


    Thanks for reading! [​IMG]


    Review kit supplied by...

    Shop @ 01 Media

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