Partitioning 500gb hd What's your ideal setup! Partition'w

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    Ok guys i thought i would throw this one out to try and help me. [​IMG]

    Already have a freecom 500gb external hardrive casing with samsung drive inside with a fat,ntfc & wbfs partition which has worked great in the past for my wii (with covers via fat (not 32!), films via geexbox on ntfs drive, and iso games via wbfs manager 3.0. [​IMG] I previously only allocated about 30gb to a wbfs partition, a 2gb fat partition & a 400ish gb ntfc partition with all my movies, music, personal stuff etc! The only thing that would not work after serious testing and trial and error was triforce via the fat partition. (although it worked ok via sandisk 2gb sd card)

    I'm about to format the drive and would like to ask a few questions without have to reformat the drive several times to find out!

    1. As long as i format and setup the drive and partition in this order:

    (fat,fat32,ntfs,wbfs), will usb hd app loaders like 'usbconfig' and 'wiiflow' load the games from wbfs AND pull the covers from the fat partition OR the FAT32 partition?

    2. If i create both a fat and fat32 partition which partition should i make the most for space for?

    2b. IF necessary which particular order do they need to be set up in.

    3. To cover all other emulation bases i.e triforce, triforce_mrc, sdl mame, other console emulators, hbc via usb hd which out of the two: fat or fat32 would you recommend?

    4. What would be your ideal partition layout for a 500gb external drive?

    I'm thinking about the following as i'm not sure if it's worth having a just a fat partition which worked ok for covers and mame_sdl and vids via mplayer in the past or to have that as well as a fat 32 partition to the accomplish the following:

    FAT - 06gb -----(for covers! - wont work for me with triforce

    FAT 32 - 50gb -----(for future wii app devolopments i.e testing games via fat32 & maybe triforce MIGHT start working as it starts fine via sd but NOT via fat partition?! & playing around with hermes and wiiflow via fat32 if it is necessary over fat? & for mplayer support. )and maybe Rawksd support!)

    NTFS DRIVE SIZE - 6gb ----------- for future game testing, films for geexbox or odd and ends?
    WBFS - 400gb ------------ fo backups of games i own now and in the future, viva la gbatemp!

    =================== 462gb ACTUAL SPACE (500gb ntfs hd limit)

    Does anyone agree with this setup to save me time and effort in the future? If not, what would you recommend?

    Will it ignore fat 32 if it sees the fat partition or vice versa?

    I hope a few people have been in this predicament before and i reckon a few might well in the future. If they have a 1tb drive they could always multiply the answers to my queries x2 !

    Thanks in advance and happy new year! [​IMG]
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    Hi, I'm interested in doing the same with my 1TB WD external drive. What software/app are you using to format the partitions? I'm running both XP and Win7.