"Partially" softmodded my Wii - can somebody pls help me understand what's going on?

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    Nov 29, 2016
    Hi there - first time poster, so please be gentle with me. Picked up a secondhand Wii last year and its been a lot of fun. I'd love to tap into some of the more fun uses of the system (emulators etc) but am new to all of this (and very impressed and jealous of everyone's knowledge on here! #MuchRespect )

    Here's my situation: I tried to softmod my Wii and was successful ... to a point. Something changed recently, and although it still works (i.e. not bricked) its only partially working. I can see some threads on here about "how to hack/softmod a Wii (from scratch)", or what you can do with a fully hacked Wii, but not a lot of info on ones that are halfway there (i.e. working from unusual starting points).

    To get to the point, I'm trying to understand:

    a) did I do something wrong (that I can recover from)?
    b) is there a way to hack it properly from here?
    c) how would I 'unhack' my Wii? And does it make any sense to do do?

    Background info:

    * I started with a Wii 4.2U (older white console with the gamecube slots)
    * I hacked it with Return of the Jodi and installed Homebrew, neogamma, nintendont etc.
    * for a while I was able to play/run gamecube games from an SD card (all, legally backed up copies, of course)
    * I bought some new games and tried to play them, but when I inserted the discs, my Wii wouldn't play them, prompting me that a system update was necessary first (not all games, just some - eg Donkey Kong Country Returns & Guitar Hero 5)
    * ... but I was able to play them if I used neogamma
    * after a while, things changed, and now I cant play any discs through the normal loader (by clicking on the top left 'block' on the main screen) - because it is prompting me to do a system update.
    * however, I can still play games via disc indirectly using neogamma, but am not able to play these backed up versions anymore.
    * FYI - I have never updated the system, because I'm scared of bricking it.

    Q: Right now, I'd prefer to have a fully hacked system, or a normal one that is not hacked at all. How do I get to either of these places, and which is recommended?

    Info from other threads that seems related, but I cant use / understand: (I did look around before asking!)

    1. this thread: http://gbatemp.net/threads/4-2-softomodded-wii-update-to-4-3.450295/ seems kind of related, but I really cant understand what they're talking about (I know that I don't have preloader/priloader installed though, so maybe my case is different?)

    2. seems that http://gbatemp.net/threads/help-me-figure-out-a-wii.450258/ is on to something similar but, again, its going above my head (sorry for being such a noob). It does seem that I made the right call not doing a system update though.

    Q: What information can I provide (about my Wii) that might be helpful before giving any advice? (e.g. version of homebrew, what I have installed etc)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hey! Saw your post on noob paradise, and good news! You did nothing wrong! The reason that the games are asking you to update is because you are not on the newest wii version, which is 4.3, and are you also playing wii games from a usb/sd card, or is it only gamecube? If it it only gamecube, I reccomend you update the wii in the settings (take out your sd card first!) and use return of the jodi to reinstall the homebrew channel, as the update uninstalls it. BUT If you use wii backups (from disks, usb, sd, etc.) Then reply and I can help you out with that! The reason people are talking about priiloader is because when you install it (which might brick your wii if you are not careful) you can choose to block disc updates without updating your wii.
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    It doesn't sound like you did anything wrong (other than follow an old guide to mod with a new one for nintendont)
    As long as you can boot it to HBC or the System menu it can be hacked properly
    There is a process to return your Wii to the original Nintendo firmware, commonly refer to as revirginize, but it's not necessary.

    You should Post a SysCheck first, just to be sure anyone giving advice knows where your Wii is currently before telling you something that could brick it.

    The real questions are why did the guide you use (within the last year) not include updating the game IOSs or installing Priiloader and why does it have you using NeoGamma when USB loaders can also load discs and continue to be supported or had longer support than NeoGamma.
    Please say you are at least using NeoGamma r9 beta 56 with cIOS249[56] d2x v8.

    Chicken Little disclaimer:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    To mod...
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Or not to mod...
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    If you have IOS58 and IOS80 then the console was either updated to 4.3 then downgraded or something just threw a bunch of WADs in a folder to install. IOS80 = 4.3, IOS70 = 4.2, IOS60 = 4.1.