Partial downgrade to 9.2, now cannot get into menu/browser hax, browser upgrade nag

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    Partial downgrade, error during downgrade. Now system wont boot w/ sd card in

    If i take the SD card out, i get an error and told to reboot. If i keep it in, screen goes black. Any ideas? I tried getting to browser hack again but it keeps giving me the update nag. If i put the OG sd card from the 3ds in it boots right up

    Edit, fixed it by deleting a file, but now i have the update nag T_T

    edit 2

    Ok so what i did to make that sd card work was delete a menu setting from the SD card. Loaded ok. Then i figured out why i was getting the browser nag, date was set to 2011 and not 2000. I just reinstalled hax and i started the downgrade back up.

    It just finished and rebooted. i think im golden! crisis averted!
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