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    Hi folks !

    anyone here every did Para Para ?

    just recently found out about it because i love songs like "Night of Fire" by HINOI Team which is a Para Para song and in the Vid they are Dancing Para Para (this song is so extremely great with enough Bass)

    Well a girl I recently meet told me that this is told Para Para ... since then I am more or less in Love with Para Para XD

    Wikipedia says its more or less "in" in America and Japan (sadly never ever heard of it here in Germany)

    so where better to ask than in a Forum with many American ppl ^^

    So yeah anyone ever "danced" Para Para ?

    and are there any recommended songs I should watch out for ?
    (only know some others of HINOI Team like "Ike Ike" and thats it no other band ...)

    // man dancing para para like they do is soooo hard ... i think i just dance some bullshit but it is FUN as hell (at least as long as noone sees me) and its good for my weight problem (already lost some kg)

    P.S. for those who want to write "just write Para Para into youtube" well I read real Para Para is very fast and most songs I found at youtube except the HINOI Team songs are semi fast up to even slow oO
    // oh well ok semi fast is good to [​IMG] the dance should be fast song not necesary but how to dance fast to something that is slow as hell XD