Paper Mario (MSG) - Mario Story Glory [Revamped]

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    Paper Mario (MSG) [5.00M33 CTF Release]
    THIS IS A RE-RELEASE UPDATE. Been working on making it perfect.
    As you can see, the battery icon is now made up
    of hearts accompanied by Mario's hammer and boots.
    The background is now not a dark shade of blue
    and all characters show off their colors.

    Concept & Design
    & whoever made the
    Graffiti Montage theme
    as I used it's spacing
    and UI for my base

    5.00M33 Theme
    6.61 Adrenaline Theme
    located on my Twitter
    & Facebook accounts!

    Wave and background mod
    taken from: mugi (thanks!)
    - One of these days I'll
    figure out how to make
    my own XMB wave

    Tools Used:
    CTFtoolGUI v5 Beta3 – patpat & ErikPshat
    PRXeditor – patpat
    RCOedit - ZiNgA BuRgA
    RCOmage - ZiNgA BuRgA
    XMB Multi Customizer – Takeshi
    FHacker093 - Freeplay and Skylark
    PSP Theme Converter – SONY
    and many others thank you all!

    Gameboot Tools
    1) avi2wav
    2) UMD Stream Composer
    3) MPS to Gameboot
    4) SUPER converter

    Adobe Products Used
    1) Photoshop CS3 (Editing sprites, creating wallpaper)
    2) Fireworks CS3 (Saving all .png files for .rco’s)
    3) Dreamweaver CS3 (Editing .xml files from .rco's)
    4) Premiere Pro CS3 (Editing and making gameboot)

    All icons provided by

    Custom Gameboot
    I simply faded in the Intelligent Systems Logo and
    added a sound effect from the game

    All custom click sounds provided by
    A great collection of .wav sounds ripped by Parakarry.

    Custom Font - Agenda-Black.otf by Greg Thompson (1993)
    - used this again but upped the font size and looked
    pretty good so I kept it, thought the last one
    was too small

    I used the same paf.prx & vshmain.prx from the original Paper Mario Release

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