Pachter On Mass Effect Series Hitting PS3 (nothing official)

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by luke_c, Apr 26, 2010.

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    This thread title is really misleading. I dont care what Pachter knows; he spits too much BS that I won't believe it until EA or bioware say so.
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    Pachter knows fuck all.

    Changing thread title.
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    Wouldn't be surprising, but really I think it's gonna be stuck to the Xbox/PC unless they bring over Mass Effect 1 and 2, since Mass Effect is only half as good unless you use a save from a previous game (and if you know the story from the previous game). And Mass Effect 1 was published my Microsoft; 2 was by EA. If they get the first one and second one into a good compilation and throw it on the PS3 before ME3, then that'd be sick.

    I just want fucking Mass Effect 3.
  5. Edgedancer

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    I agree that in the future, the Mass Effect franchise will probably go onto the PS3 but not until the main trilogy is over as so much of the games are based around your actions from the first titles. Bioware have said they want to make more mass effect titles after Shepards story and I can see those ones appearing on the PS3.