Pac Man CE DX

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    I don't judge, because I do it too (my Wii is modded using USB Loader). I won't mod my Xbox 360 because I'm afraid of being banned from Xbox Live and having the chance to play amazing Xbox Live Arcade (and Xbox Indie Game) titles like this.

    Pac Man Championship Edition was a great start, the new transforming map, the time limit, the challenge modes... it was a great refresh to the Pac Man series. Today comes Pac Man Championship Edition... I was wondering, is it going to be that much better? Is it worth spending another $10? I did get great value and enjoyment from the first Pac Man CE. Decided to check around... BAM! IGN gave it a 10/10! That doesn't happen very often from IGN. I didn't even try the demo, I jumped in feet first... and I don't regret it one bit.

    Waking a sleeping ghost, they now form a giant 'snake' behind you. You can get chains of 50+ ghosts in one kill! The game keeps speeding up as you keep doing better to add challenge, but slows back down if you make a mistake. If you're about to make a mistake (run in to a ghost) it goes into "bullet time" to give a chance to fix it... one way to fix it, bombs! There are now 10 different styles/designs of maps, 3 different game modes (score attack, time trial & ghost combo) available on each of the maps. This game has great value. To all my GBAtemp friends... be sure not to miss out on this game, it is epic.