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  1. Bruinbaard

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    May 7, 2007
    Hello guys,

    I want to get some extra speed but a whole new computer is far to much money for me. since then i will need and a new mono and a new memory and a new processor and why not a new video card. Or in other words a whole new computer since my old mobo doesn't supports duo and quad core, PCI-E, ddr2 and so on.
    atm i got this:
    mobo: MSI PM8M2-V
    Processor: Intel Celeron 2.67GHz
    Memory: 1500 ddr dunno what
    VGA: Ati Radaon 9600
    So because it cost to much to buy new stuff I was thinking about overclocking...
    But is my stuff compatible to overclock? And if how far?
    And the most important how do I safely overclock without risk, since I'm totaly new to overclocking and I don't have a clue how it works. I know i have to reset my bios before and check my temperatures and so on but, yeah you don't overclock with that.

    Ty in advantage, Bruin
  2. Lee79

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    Jul 29, 2007
    Your best better would be to buy a better new CPU. If it s running at 2.67ghz now you will not be able to squeeze much more out of that CPU. It would not be worth the hassle just to get a few more FPS in a game you would hardly notice.
    Also the 9600 is old get new AGP card like a Sapphire Radeon X1950 Pro 512MB AGP the best APG in my opinion.
  3. Bruinbaard

    Bruinbaard GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    May 7, 2007
    Yeah I'm planning on buying a new CPU but i want Duo Core but that's not supported by my mobo so i also need a new mobo which turns in that i also need new memory and VGA card ofcourse so in fact then I will need a fully new computer
  4. two40

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    Nov 5, 2007
    upgrading comps always starts with one part that you need and tunrs into a new mobo/vid card/mem dilema.

    overclocking is a lot of trial and error and it's not really that hard. i was a noob but i managed to get decent speeds out of gpu and cpu. if you are buying new stuff your best bet is to join a clockers forum and check out the ideal combo/parts. all of them have noob guides which are easy to follow.

    good luck, have fun and push till you fry something [​IMG]
  5. BoneMonkey

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    Dec 9, 2006
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    i would do what lee said but start saving up for a new computer