Ovation or MyPassport 2.5" slim 500GB external HDD

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    Dec 26, 2008
    Ok. So I was fucked up by Neo Philippine with their fucking cheap unreliable improper repair and my sis's laptop was totally reformatted. I'll try to file a complain against NEO Philippines.

    Anyway, I'm looking for a good external Hard Drive to recover the files my sis lost with the reformat done by fucking Neo Philippines.

    I saw a new Ovation slim 2.5" 500GB for Php 5,500 and it has a DC output but the package has a USB cable. WTF is the DC output for? the shop owner said it can be powered by USB but what's the output for?

    I also saw a WD MyPassport 2.5" 500GB for Php 5,850 and I dont know what it has except it's also a 500GB

    Are these reliable external Hard drive and dont random corrupt often like the fake memory cards? which one should I buy? The 1TB external hard drive at other store is out of stock so Im stuck with 500GB one.

    I cant search for Ovation online so I tried. online sellers like Amazon dont have one but I saw a forum telling it's new and good.

    I dont have any choice because MyPassport are THE ONLY AVAILABLE External HDD in my area and the Ovation is from the closest computer shop in my area. No Online options please. limit to the two ones here. I heard seagate is the best but what can i do? it's not available in my area.

    One last thing, FUCK YOU NEO PHILIPPINES for improper repair. You're a big headache. Your computer/laptop are like toys and not worthy.

    Since we are a family of media, we will try to write an article to what happened with my sister. I hope you have a soul and conscience to what you done. your technicians are lame and didnt graduate properly from college/training.

    PS: Dont mind my outrage for Neo Philippines, I need an answer for the external hard drive.