OUYA will allow OUYA games to be played on other devices

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    OUYA posted an update to their website today detailing what they've been working on recently and what to expect from them in the near future. According to this post, the OUYA has gained over 675 games in less than a year which they claim is more than any other console. Also, they recently released a new version of the console with 16GB of storage, better WiFi, and a slightly better controller.

    Coming up, there will be "better personalization", recommendations, developer profiles, and developers will be able to launch betas. Most interestingly, OUYA games will be made available for other devices. Presumably, this means other Android devices.

    "OUYA Everywhere", as they call it, sounds very interesting. This may be more encouraging to developers to know that they're games will not be restricted to the OUYA's market. However, one has to wonder what the advantage to OUYA Everywhere will be over simply developing for Android and covering the entire Android market. I'm also glad to see that some new hardware been released. As I recall, the OUYA was originally intended to by updated every year or so with new hardware. However, the upgrades to the 16GB hardware are quite underwhelming. It would be nice to see some more upgrades to keep up with other ever-improving Android devices.

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    Android for serious gaming would never succeed.
    The hardware changes far to quickly for that.

    It's a nice concept but it'll always be the underdog of the console market.

    As for Ouya games on other devices.
    Well, that pretty much defeats the whole Ouya.
    Why shell out 100 quid or so (whatever an Ouya costs) when your phone can run it too?
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    their plan is to package their "discover" store as an app for other android systems, such as the madd katz mojo. software will then be made available for the ouya as well, hopefully bringing more popularity to the ouya along with more games.

    i've played everything from #-M (yes, every single release) and i would consider it challenging to call a lot of the quick android mobile ports, betas, and bad homebrew as real "games". the current count is 737, by the way, not 675.

    unfortunately, the ouya suffers from poor marketing and advertisement choices. many have yet to take the console and the company serious. the system is a great little 99 box that does a lot, yet with its limited audience comes a limited supply of quality games. here is a great post that mentions a lot about what the company has done wrong so far, how the fans both praise and dislike the ouya, etc: http://ouyaforum.com/showthread.php...te-on-the-ouya&p=117695&viewfull=1#post117695

    -another world
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    Is this a late April fools joke? As said, it defeats the purpose of buying a Ouya.
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    They announced this ages ago and I agree with most comments about this. The whole point of OUYA was to bring console developing back to the hobbyists, so that bedroom coders could get back to releasing games that are designed to run on a big screen, rather than a phone. The hardware behind OUYA (other than some peoples random controller issues) is right for the job, the price is right for the job and this move is just plain stupid.
    When the OUYA first came out, we had a million people stating that the OUYA was simply not needed as many people already own similar spec Android phones and tablets and with the addition of a cheap HDMI adapter and a PS3 controller, they could turn in into a home console style system. These comments died down after a little while, the OUYA is starting to [slowly] gain recognition as being a nice little console with plenty of games etc. but then OUYA go and do this, not only shooting themselves in the food credibility wise, but sticking their finger up at the devs who supported the system (instead of just releasing only on Android phones).
    The roll of a games console manufacturer, no matter how small the company, is to MANUFACTURE GAMES CONSOLES. All they are going to achieve from this move is far lower hardware sales, nothing else.
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    i agree that doing this is going against their initial idea, and in part the original selling point of their campaign. i got the strong impression (after some discussions) that they aren't making all that much off the hardware. really, they can only blame themselves for their poor marketing and lack of advertisements. the logical step seems to package the store in an attempt to sell more software. i understand why they are doing it, it doesn't mean i agree with it. i think they need to refocus on the OUYA itself and begin to embrace the little box they brought to market, instead of trying to brand the company as an app store.

    -another world
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    you can already play all these games ANYWHERE their called android devices! they have the same fucking games it's called...THE PLAY STORE!!

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    no one is disagreeing that they repackaged smart phone technology and then offered a controller and an hdmi cable. i really don't see the need for someone to point this out in every ouya thread. lets get over that fact and pull our skirts back down. devs are releasing on iOS and android, and this includes the fragmented markets like the discover store. not everything on the discover store is on the play store. i can't argue that their exclusive games are worth a damn nor that they did anything to entice devs to publish for their console. again, that failure can only be attributed to the poor marketing and lack of advertisements. everyone knows what android is, most everyone has a smartphone or can tell you 1 person in their life who does. yet, these same people have no idea what the ouya is or that some of their favorite retail stores are selling it. if this move changes that then i am all for it.

    -another world
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  9. calmwaters

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    So, it is turning into an actual smartphone, but with a few twists? Not only can you create a game for this thing, but you can release it on other phones to increase revenue? Sounds capitalistic. :angry:

    Also, I've never understood how a product can be doing bad because their advertising department sucks. But then I never relied much on those departments to determine what I should buy; I've got a mind of my own. I'm a big boy; I can do my own homework. Besides, if they are as bad as people insinuate, then I'm better off just doing my homework myself.
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    This is both smart and silly. It's smart because they can make money off games if their console fails again and it's silly because by allowing people to avoid the Ouya like the plague, and giving no incentive to buy it, it means there console might fail again.
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    So 675 737 games in a year? Wow...suck on that, nintendo! :P

    But I don't understand this...ouya itself doesn't own those games; the developers do. So they can't decide on behalf of those guys that those games can be sold on xbone/PS4/nintendo/steambox/... and I doubt those other partners will agree to share the profit margin. End result will be that the original developer will earn less from each sale (both the other partner and ouya devs will take a share)...which will make the developer just port their game to the platform of the other partner directly.

    And meanwhile, nobody but the poorest of the poor will buy a ouya, as all it will barely (or even no) exclusives.
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    Sep 19, 2013
    one more controller layout to confuse gamers (talking about aoyu)
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    At least this means someone will be able to play OUYA games now.

    Really? The face looks almost exactly like another really popular controller I know...
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  14. McHaggis

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    I'm willing to bet they'll make more money selling software than they do the hardware.
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    The Ouya is so irrelevant, it's irrelevant to Ouya.