out of the loop Gamma user, getting a black screen

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    Sep 11, 2010
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    Hi, so I managed to get WiiGator's backup loader working on my Wii way back in 2008 and I think I've updated an IOS on it maybe once. I haven't been playing all that often till I picked up Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3. It loads but when I start it, I get a black screen and the Wii freezes so I have to unplug it.

    I'm guessing something needs to be updated or I need a certain IOS to run it, but I have no idea what. Google didn't give me anything useful and I don't have no where else to look, so can anyone help? I'm running the Gamma loader and my Wii is on version 3.2. I followed Emperor of Canada's guide.

    Yea I know this is going WAY back. I don't even see Gamma in the list of backup loaders in the sticky here unless it's the same as Neo Gamma. I know there are USB loaders and SD ones too. I'd just really like my game to work!

    Thanks to anyone who can help [​IMG]