OS's and Speakers

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    As I am a cheapskate I am thinking of downloading free OS's instead of buying Windows 7.

    What would you guys recomend...

    And are there different OS's that are good for different things?

    Also is there any way too have more than 1 OS on the same PC (OK I know you can but how do you put them on the same PC)?

    Thanks for your help!

    Another question: What speakers would you recomend? I don't want to spend more then £50 on them. Less than £30 would be preferable!
  2. Elritha

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    Jan 24, 2006
    If you want to get legit free OS, Ubuntu is pretty good. That's if you don't mind using linux. [​IMG]
    I find it's one of the more user friendly distro's out there and is pretty easy to install.

    It's possible to have more then one OS by using a bootloader such as GRUB. You could for example have windows and linux dual booting.

    No clue on speakers, sorry. I haven't bought a new set in years.
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    As for OS's, you don't actually have to pay for them.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    But if you fancy getting legally free OS's, look at some Unix distributions.
    Dual booting, (Tri or Quad also.) is quite easy, especially if you have two internals like me, first off, easiest method, is having two internals, in which case you would just set the install path for the second OS to that second internal drive (E.g. D:/ is my second so i'd set the path there.) If you don't have a second internal, you need to create a partition in your HDD by using Partition magic or whatever tool for making partitions, make the partition at least 15GB as the partition is where you're going to store everything for that OS (And what you download on it.) then just set the install path for your secondary OS to your partition (It should have a letter.) Then, upon boot you should get the Windows boot loader pop-up where it gives you a choice of what OS to boot into.
    Found what looks like a decent set of speakers for £33, here. That was just with a quick search of Google, if you do some research into it before buying anything i'm sure you'll be happy with what you get in the end, as i have no clue about speakers.