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    Jun 27, 2015
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    Those who experienced the first Xbox Live on the Original Xbox back in the 2000s may soon be able to re-live those times again (and those who never got a chance may be able to). Developer Luke Usher, of Cxbx-Reloaded fame, has just posted a video to YouTube showing off the payment and account creation process through his new in-development Xbox Live replacement named Insignia.

    The developer has also shared some important info related to availability. Both modded and stock Original Xbox consoles will be able to access the service, so long as you're able to somehow dump your console's keys (it's known that at least the HDD key will be required so far, which means a one-time game exploit can be used to briefly obtain it). However, if your Xbox has a HDD key set to all 0s, it will not be able to connect by design. Additionally, the serial number of your Xbox must be unique, and match the one stored in the system's EEPROM.

    Luke Usher has also stressed that the project still has quite a ways to go, and won't be ready until a private beta test gets underway in the future.

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