original wiikey and not much else!!

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    Jul 17, 2009

    have avoided the entire homebrew channel business, and have continued to run the very basic wiikey with even the original (prior to SMG) firmware.

    pal system 3.1 firmware.

    have attempted to run tiger woods 10, after correcting the 001 and 002 errors with GENERICWIIPATCHER. and then removed any update with BRICKBLOCKER i have understood the entire trucha signing matter

    disc is recognised, but on running goes to a black screen which hangs the wii.

    i have genuinely looked through other postings, and understand that the solution might be to start loading the homebrew channel etc, but was wondering whether disc modification only could still get this and similar games running.

    i guess it will not run due to missing firmware updates.

    many thanks to anyone who can confirm/ deny that what i am trying to do is no longer possible.
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    Well you have 3 options:

    Install the IOSes 38-53-55 (wich you deleted using brickblocker from the update partition), you need to install the HBC and use Wad Manager to achieve this


    Use Waninkoko's IOS Version Patcher to change the IOS of the .iso to any other you have on your Wii, like IOS35 or 36, but forget about WM+ support (I think)


    Update your Wii to 4.1