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    i just found this online shop http://www.yamato-export.com/index.php and am thinking of ordering from them but i never heard of them before ... do they have good serverice and suche ?

    And any idea about the money transfer ? they have prices in Yen Dolla and Euro so is it possible to pay without changing money before ? and umm i am not sure it looks like they are from france ? so for me Germany it should be no problem to make a bank transfer right ?


    Ok i tried it now because it seems noone is gonna answer me here [​IMG]V
    I got the mail imidietly which saied that i should send the money via bank transfair with an explanation (in french [​IMG]) about some thinks with european bank transfair ... only thing they forgot to send are the bank account number and such [​IMG]V

    I am gonna order from Play Asia now [​IMG]V only bad thing is that i have to pay around 25$ more there ;(