Ordered a UHS-II card reader on eBay. Seller from China. Item incorrect. What should I do?

DiscostewSM Feb 7, 2019.

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    So I ordered a High Speed Lexar UHS-II microSD card reader USB 3.0 from eBay. Seller was from China, but seemed fine (at the time) because of the high rating/feedback. Took around 2 weeks before I received it in the mail today. Opened up the ePacket, and what I got was not what I ordered. What I received instead of a Lexar C10/UHS-I SD adapter for microSD. I paid ~$15 for the order (and what I got was far less in value). Reading up on dealing with this scenario, the problem is that the seller is in China, and to do any returns to there requires having to pay $50+ because that's just how it is. I went and contacted the seller about getting the wrong item and am waiting for a response before I do anything else. Even that is going to take a couple of days because the seller seems to be unavailable until the 9th (today is the 7th for me).

    Anything I can do going forward from here, or am I sorta SoL because of dealing with a seller in China? If it were to come to paying $50+, then I might as well just buy from Amazon with an included 32GB card for $30 instead, since the only place which seems to have the reader by itself on eBay is from China.

    Please, no "don't buy from China" posts, because the deed had already been done. I'll remember next time.
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    Earth, bro-dude.
    ....have you told ebay about this? They should cover you with buyer protection, if
    is true.
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    Usually eBay will force them to give you a refund if you open a case saying the item isn't as described and you wont need to return it unless they pay for it
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    I would recommend what was already said, use the resolution center ASAP and expect to get a refund in a near feature. Get a new reader from somewhere else in the meanwhile if you need it now.
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    Ebay usually sides with the buyer so please do contact them about the issue.
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    Quote from their listing:
    And I suggest you do that. I have had bad luck with some items from ebay and other online stores, receiving fake stuff. Both times, they willingly gave me a refund and let me keep the item.

    EDIT: And if that takes too long / you don't get a reply, then do whatever the guys above me recommend. :)
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