Options To Get N3DS Up To Date With Homebrew Launcher?

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    I have a New 3DS XL running firmware 11.0 with Homebrew Launcher installed, (I access via MenuHax.) I do need to get up to date so I can access internet functions. I do also have a copy of Cubic Ninja, and a Gateway 3DS flash card. (I also have an R4i Revolution DS flash card compatible with 3DS, for some reason my blue Gateway DS flash card won't work on 3DS atm.)

    I'm a bit confused about the different homebrew/CFW options. Apparently A9LH is also a thing. What are the best options here? I know I could switch over to NinjHax and use that on 11.1, but it will be a bit annoying having to launch a game before I can get into the Homebrew Launcher.

    Since I currently have access to Homebrew Launcher can I install CFW or something? I have read some of the FAQs & Tutorials around here but I'm still not sure of my best options, and some of the links are broken, (like the link to the Luma3DS homepage.)
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    a9lh is definitely the way to go. To get to the point where you can install a9lh, you'll have to downgrade first. This does require a second 3ds that can do hacks (if you can borrow a friends, or something)


    after that, you'll be able to use the guide. a9lh boots before anything else, so it can protect the hacks from nintendo permanently. Most people use luma3ds to patch the system since it does the job well and with little effort. You'll also be able to install a channel and other things so you can permanently access homebrew, install cias, and keep up to date on stuff.


    otherwise I'm not sure what your options are. if you can't do that, it looks like you might be stuck using ninjhax. Are you using an emunand?
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    This doesn't make much sense, how do you expect to have a 3DS with CFW already on it if you need one to install CFW in the first place? There must be a way to do it with just one 3DS. I have a New 3DS, so it can only be downgraded but so far. Is there seriously no way to install A9LH from the homebrew loader?
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    There is a way to do it with only one 3DS, but you need a hardmod for that : https://github.com/Plailect/Guide/wiki/Hardmod-Downgrade
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    there must not be a way. there is no way.
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    I'll try to explain this:

    BEFORE 11.0.0-33 you could install a CFW with only an entrypoint (Cubic Ninja, The Legend Of Zelda Ocarine Of Time) and Homebrew Laucher because the system had no protection against downgrade (a minimum firmware check), the problem came with the 11.0.0-33 update that made system now unable to downgrade (and thus to install a CFW) until some good devs found the DSiWare method. Up to this day, Hardmod and DSiWare methor are the only available to downgrade.

    Downgrade: You need to downgrade because certain exploits are only available in certain firmware version, so in a O3DS you need to first downgrade to 9.2 and then to 2.1 to use all the exploits and then upgrade to latest firmware again. Thanks to the hardwork of awesome depevolpers, in the New 3DS you only need to downgrade to 9.2 and do a arm9lh install via HomeBrew Launcher

    DSiWare method: To perform DSiWare method you need an already hacked donor console with a legit (from eshop) copy of any DSiWare hacked games (FieldRunneres, etc) with a hacked save data installed and perform a system transfer from said system to yours to be able to downgrade to 9.2 and continue with the usual CFW installation method.
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