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    Aug 3, 2008
    Hey guys, I will try to make this short as possible :S. Is there any games that match GTA CHW? I finished the game in 2 days and now I just fool around but its also getting boring T.T. I'm trying Suikoden Tierkreis and its somewhat fun but I hate how you have to walk through every places in a slow pace (no running, walk slowly) and if you get into a blocked area... you go back and look for an entrance (Not what the game is about). Getting off topic there... anyways is there any game where you free roam and do missions as well as intense uses of time? I doubt theres any game that matches GTA CHW but if there is plz suggest. (Basically anything that most of you guys are really into which might make me into it as well) (I've tried World Ends With You and it was awsome but got bored of it =[)