Opinions on Rebuying Games?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by JustTheOtherGuy, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. I see the steam summer sale has had all the assassins creed games, except for black flag, at around 5 bucks and have been very tempted to buy them. PC is the best at running these games anyway, but I already own the Ezio trilogy and III for PS3, which is arguably the worst platform for the series(except for revelations and maybe III).
    I'm mulling over double dipping and trying to trade in my PS3 copies for a few bucks, but what do you think? Have you ever double dipped from console to PC? Vice-Versa? Different consoles? Even the same game twice for one console?
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    Eh, I rebought some games that could be modded for the PC, like Skyrim and Dark Souls. I'll also rebuy games that are just better for a platform. If the game's the same though across both platforms, I don't really care then.
  3. Gahars

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    If you're not going to replay them, then you probably shouldn't rebuy. That's helped my wallet make it through some trying times.

    I've actually done the reverse on a few occasions, where I got a game on Steam, found that it ran horribly, and then picked it up for free on PS+ instead (like Brothers).
  4. FAST6191

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    Rebuying as in selling a game you are done with but still has some value and then buying another copy a few years later when the prices have dropped, yeah why wouldn't you?

    On a different platform, there had better be a compelling reason though "because I am lazy" counts as a good reason. Modding, improved something else and
    If you have alternatives then no -- why would I ever buy an emulated version when I can just run my emulator? Of course "do I intend to play this?" should be asked, at least when the cost is more than a few extra gigs of hard drive space.

    All this said though, from what I have seen though it looks like the AC series could probably be experienced by picking a random game in it, playing that to experience the basic mechanics, reading the story summaries and maybe seeing a bit of other footage.
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    The only thing I've rebought was the totally unreal package. Aside from unreal 2, I already had legitimate versions of everything, except not on steam. For anything else...no.

    Oh, wait...rollercoaster tycoon. But it was not only so dirt cheap for all the versions combined (1 & 2 at that time) but I wasn't sure if I actually HAD all the versions. So I have two DVD cases on that.

    In any case...these are very rare exceptions. Most of the time, repeating the "I already have it!" thought helps against buying stuff I won't have time to play anyway.
  6. jonthedit

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    I'm proud to say I hid my wallet during the Summer Sale this year. :)
    Unfortunately, reddit took over the sale anyway :glare:

    I would definitely recommend getting ACII for PC.
    The rest...
    Not so much.
    Brotherhood and II were the best for me.
  7. Bioshiit

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    Feb 26, 2014
    Only things that I rebuy are older games which I broke or lost, that's all
  8. I didn't end up debuting anyway. The damage from the sale this year came into ~$10 where I bought hitman absolution and the cold cold heart doc for batman.
    Back on topic I would say I agree with almost all of what's been said. I disagree with the emulation POV brought up since I've bought a bunch of games for 3ds vc, since I never owned the originals, even though it would have been easier and cheaper to emulate. But that's just me.
  9. CompassNorth

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    Yeah, I've double dipped on Steam.
    I was barely using my 360 and was not going to pay to play online anymore.
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    I lost my original Steam account to a mass-hijacking of accounts back in 2008, and had to make a new account. Well VALVe took their sweet-ass time getting mine back, but by the time they did, I had already made the new account my main one. So now I have a spare Steam account that I never use, and it has DUPLICATE GAME PURCHASES on it because VALVe won't let me transfer them to my current account. At least I wait for them to go on sale at 75% or more before doing so, just to justify it... But yeah, having to re-buy games I already bought and paid for sucks ass.
  11. Clydefrosch

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    Jan 2, 2009
    i bought like 4 versions of resident evil 4. sometimes its worth it. not sure if its worth for ac though. i only played one part on 360 and not that it was bad, but i never felt like replaying it again...
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