Opinion on a tower i want to build

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  1. ShinyGengar001

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    Mar 1, 2016
    As title says i need opinions on the following list :)

  2. Alkéryn

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    Mar 15, 2015
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    Ew we absolutely haven't the same taste in componment, but it will do :P
    i can agree on your thermal paste though
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  3. Youkai

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    I think some of these parts seem overpriced oO
    the SSD 240GB for 130? the Crucial MX300 525 GB is only 150 .... and my Crucial still makes no problems after 3 years
    Same goes for the RAM you can get pretty much the same for at least 50 less just withouth the cool red paint which you can't see within your tower if it is not open XD

    I don't really like Seagate but I guess the HDDs are made by only one or two companys anyways so pretty much the same ... I still preffer WD

    Not sure about where you want to put your PC but I tell you from own experience, don't get a case that has lights !
    When this thing is in your room and you want to sleep it is the worst thing ever having lights shining everywhere and after a few days it just annoying and not cool anymore.

    No idea about CPU and Grafics as I am on the Intel train as most people but I guess they are getting better again and are cheaper so yeah might be okay.
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  4. InsaneNutter

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    I prefer motherboards by Gigabyte based on past experience, always found them to be very reliable. Simply personal preference though.
    For the SSD consider one of the Samsung EVO's, they have got really good reviews and I have a few in various things myself.

    Ryzen 5 1600's are supposed to be very good with multi core stuff, so it might be worth also considering that if your in the AMD camp.

    A video you might want to watch here:

  5. ShinyGengar001

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    Mar 1, 2016
    These are prices in Australia also forgot to mention.