Oops, accidently updated my ON3DSXL, can I no longer use Gateway?

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    Haven't realy used it in past 5 years bar a few hours when travelling, but I logged into Gateway mode on it, and clicked update on Emunand assuming that would be updated and not the official nand.

    Now I am on latest OFW and can't use Gateway.

    All the guides are old.

    Any advice?

    On a related note I have a N2DSXL sitting here unopened, never used that as the whole reason I never put CFW on was I want cheats with my games which CFW didn't seem to support (mostly as I don't want tedious long times to unlock things, or when playing rpgs to level up)
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    3ds.guide is your choice.
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    Luma CFW has cheat support
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    Gateway doesn't support anything higher than 11.2, and that's true regardless of it being the emuNAND or the sysNAND. Gateway has also been abandoned by its development team since it is no longer profitable, so it will never support anything higher than 11.2.

    It is recommended that you follow this guide and install B9S and Luma3DS. There is no reason in 2019 to be using Gateway.
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