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    Jun 4, 2009
    Hi guys,

    tried to find the answers to the following questions and can't find them...

    1st. My friend just bought a copy of Grand Slam and I've asked him to borrow it to me. He made a copy of the game and will be using the backup while borrowing me the original. I've asked him if there is a problem with both of us trying to play on-line at same time. He told me NO.
    Is it safe to play online games using the backup disc? Will this work like the PCs? (A unique identifier in games (i.e. serial number) and if both are on-line at same time they are banned?) Can I play without any worrys?

    2nd. What app should I use to prevent a disc from auto updating my Wii? I got system 4.0, BootMii, cIOS38 rev13b, USB Loader and Backup Loader. Any of the mentioned apps prevent that?

    waiting for your replies.
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    1. Wii discs are not uniquely identifiable, and backup look exactly the same as the original so there is no way for anyone but you to know that it is not the real disc.

    2. Right now discs that are being produced have system menu 3.4 on them, since you are on 4.0, no discs that are currently out should bother you about. Also when you rip a disc to your USB loader, it removes the update part, so any games off USB will not bother you with updates. I'm not sure but backup loader might do the same thing.
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    I don't think backup loaders that boot from a DVD block updates, you need preloader to block the updates. The rest of what you said about the USB loader and system menu firmware updates is correct I think.
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    USB loaders remove update partitions from the disc when you transfer it to the USB (through WBFS manager or through the Wii and the USB loader).

    If using Backuploader, use softwarel ike Brick blocker to remove the update partition.

    If running 4.0, no disc should ask you update.