One way to fix a switch that won't charge...

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    So here's a 'zero f**** given' way to get your switch to charge again. I used a micro USB Li-Po charger module wired directly to the battery to charge this switch. It's definitely not ideal since it has wires hanging out and I had to modify the case... But, it only cost about $2 and it can charge off of a phone charger now. (images attached)
    switch-back1.JPG switch-front1.JPG
    This particular switch has damage to the USB-C port and I couldn't get it to charge even after bending the pins back. Since I don't do tiny soldering ;), or in this case SMD reflow, I tried to get to the root of the problem... charging the dead battery. I've tested charging it while it's in sleep mode and it works fine. I can also power it on while it's charging, but I don't think I'll try playing a game while charging. Luckily, I can still send it a payload in RCM mode too.
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    If you have pics of where this is soldered onto the board I'd appreciate it greatly