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    Sep 6, 2009
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    This was the first disc i try to burn and sadly, it doesnt work perfectly...

    I used ImgBurn,Gamma Backup Launcher 0.3

    First try...The disc was able to be read>click start> BLACK screen
    Search online...found out have to launch From the Launcher....turn on Pal60 or Pal50 with English....
    Able to Turn on but the Screen keep moving up and down like a broken channel
    I manage to move around in the game as best i could and it seem to run okay...
    just have problem with the screen moving up and down

    and i want to know if this is my disc problem , wii problem, or tv problem

    i google some more...and it make me want to ask:
    can tv from the US play PAL game?

    and can you ref me sum tutorial link perfectly on how to burn wii iso

    and can sum1 give me their aim so that i can hghehth hah hlhihnhkh hthoh hdhlh hwhihih hihshoh =P