On v5.3.2, Hyrule Warriors trying to apply an update?

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    I'm on v5.3.2 and for obvious reasons am always overly cautious when a game says it has to apply system updates.

    I recent got a copy of 'Hyrule Warriors' (which should only have v4.1.0 system update on the disk), but when I put the game in it says it still has to update stuff... which is weird because it's an older version than what the system is already on?

    Is this normal behaviour for the system update to always try to 'apply' an old revision? Do I need to be worried it's a reprint / re-release with newer system update information on the disk?

    Thanks a lot!
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    When you put the disk in, does it show an update icon or a game icon. Just to be clear. If it's the game's icon, it's the game update, not the system update. HOWEVER, if it i showing he game' icon. still dont update, as it will update the system first regardless.

    You should consider using tubehax dns if you are 5.3.2
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