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    Oct 24, 2002

    Hey everyone. Great news! After several hundred hours of hard work, we at Laughing Jackal are happy to share our latest PS Vita project with you: OMG HD Zombies!
    If that name seems familiar it’s because OMG HD Zombies is a wholly revamped full-blooded PS Vita homage to our minis title, OMG-Z, which is still ranked in the Top 10 PSP games of all time on Metacritic.
    If you missed OMG-Z the first time around, then you’ll need to know that a virus has sprung from a virulent fungus that causes its zombified victims to EXPLODE when attacked. That’s pretty cool in itself, but if any infected matter lands on another zombie then they explode too, causing a chain-reaction-tsunami of gore! Wise to this, your character is able to take down hordes of the undead with a single well-placed rifle round!

    So, why remake OMG-Z? Well, due to the nature of minis, we were unable to add all the features we felt the first game deserved. So, the aim with OMG HD Zombies was to up the graphics, add trophies and Leaderboards and re-release on PS Vita. Easy, right?

    The problem was that once we started the project, I completely failed to shake this little voice at the back of my mind that kept saying, “c’mon Al, why not sneak in some more new stuff too?” And this is what we came up with:
    More Graphics! – ALL menus, levels and zombies have been completely redrawn to take advantage of the PS Vita’s lovely OLED screen.
    More Zombies! – We’ve thrown three new zombie classes into the mix and tripled all death animations. So…much…gore…
    More Levels! – We’ve added 19 new levels and totally reworked all existing levels. That’s 100 new levels of zombie-slaying action!
    More Upgrades! – 100 in total to be precise!
    Trophies! – 12 bronze, silver and gold Trophies to unlock.
    Leaderboards! – Compare scores with your PSN Friends or the best zombie slayers worldwide.
    Touching! – Choose between traditional controls or the all-new touch method.
    More Comics! – 2 brand new endings plus we reveal more of the game’s story in our extended comic book intro.
    Prestige Mode! – Complete the game to 100% Platinum standard and receive a Leaderboard multiplier. “Prestige” up to 20 times for some truly HUGE scores!
    Quite a feature list, eh? Effectively we’ve given you a sequel in all but name. Everything’s either brand new or reworked from scratch to provide the ultimate-zombie-slaying-thinking-gamer’s-shooter.

    OMG HD Zombies will be shuffling, zombie-style, onto PlayStation Store on 19th June 2013.

    Anyone else getting this? I just bought it for £2.99 as I never tried the PSM game and it's pretty fun! It's around 700mb.
    I was going to get the Jak and Daxter trilogy today but after it released yesterday in the US, it turns out the ports are bad.. not Ratchet and Clank bad, but not far off. It'll probably hit plus in a few months anyway.
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    Oct 24, 2002
    I just wanted to add that this game is awesome a ton of fun it's pretty easy (already finished it) and I'm going for the gold trophy which requires 20 prestiges iirc.
    Best 3 quid I ever spent on PSN!
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    Mar 1, 2012
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    I actually enjoyed this more when it was offered for free on the Playstation Mobile Platform. Although, I wish I could have gotten Trophies!
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