Old Super Mario Brothers (U) Dipstar codes for G6

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    Sep 20, 2005
    I mean, the New Super Mario Brothers (U) Dipstar Codes for G6/M3

    Codes that I tested and Dipstar approved.

    C0000000 02002000
    F2003078 E12FFF1E

    Enter the Stage for Codes to take Effect. In this case, Enter a World

    Infinite Lives
    0208b364 00000063

    Invincible (Star Effect)
    1208b350 0000XXXX

    XXXX = length of time

    Note: Now, you can kill those annoying undead turtles, but you can't kill the bosses with the Star Effect, use FirePower.

    Open All Worlds
    22088c3c 00430043
    22088c40 00430043
    22088c44 00430043
    22088c48 00430043

    The rest of the AR codes at Codejunkies: