Old account (locked out), deletion request.

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There's a deletion account request, which is effectively what I came over here for.
I would have PM'd a mod about it but I expected it would just got ignored and this account banned without the request followed, so I can't really be bothered to jump through those hurdles for nothing.

@Touko White is an old account of mine I've wanted to have nuked for a long time - I recently nuked an old account of mine here actually that I'd tried to get banned since late 2017 at the earliest, though finally actually bothered to do it earlier this year... given all these places that seem to crossover with each other, I repeatedly made a fool of myself over and over, I've distanced myself more and more from these types of community, slowly eradicating from people in these types of circles overall as I just proved to be an airheaded piece of shit. (modding, romhacking, old technology, etc)

There's also been a few borderline unlawful (mostly pedophilic) incidents in the past year or two. A few people, namely 'sks316', 'maorninja' and 'GalacticPirate'/'StarTrekVoyager' as well as inactive user 'TrashyClassy' can provide more info about what's happened, I'm not going to bother because my word means fuck all given what I've done to them, whether intentional or not, I'd rather have my reputation ruined as best I can if I'm not going to bother telling myself to fuck off properly (though I'd like my request to be properly honoured, it's not like the comedy show that was/is my old account is viewable, and I scrambled the password long ago to that one)

(The only times I've supposedly bothered them in the past couple months was to leak extra information that could be useful in screwing myself over. I don't really care about being part of these places anymore or truly associating with them/you past leaking additional reasons and giving myself more reason to push myself into my own death, which is really what I want at the end of the day, to bully myself into my own death and have not a single soul give a single fuck preferably celebrating it due to what I do, and it's been the plan since 2017 or 2018... DONT DARE FUCKING PITY ME BECAUSE ITS NOT WORTH IT LOL


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Your request 100% would have been handled just fine by any of our Supervisors. This ain't gamefaqs, the staff here actually care about the site.

I've locked this thread because I feel normal members probably won't be all that useful and you likely just want the account banned and done with for good.

@Issac @BORTZ @porkiewpyne @tj_cool @Chary

One of the above will take care of your request.
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