Old 3DS Spider & MSet downgrade (10.3.0-28E)

Discussion in '3DS - Homebrew Development and Emulators' started by Baoulettes, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. Baoulettes

    Baoulettes The lonely man

    May 25, 2011
    Hello. ^^

    This is not a tutorial or anything.
    First to explain, I have an Old 3DS version 10.3.0-28E
    (Not hard modded but I don't mind doing test stuff on)

    And with the modified FBI to install only Legit titles (know to be Pre-installed title only)
    So it come to my mind as you can downgrade Fully why not downgrade only what you only need?

    So I come in idea to bring back old Browser back to get Memory dump and stuffs like that.
    So I found the correct CIA for me.
    0004003000009d02.cia from version 9.2 (Euro here !)
    And attempted to swap it via FBI
    And surprisly it worked flawless.
    Well it required me to "delete" the one installed on Nand
    And Also all that Memory dump worked like a charm and SliderHax is also back.

    Now I come in idea to bring back the old MSet and it's rop exploit.
    So I tried to install the cia
    0004001000022000.cia from version 4.5 (Euro so id can change for us)
    So again it installed fine.
    Well it required me to "delete" the one installed on Nand too
    So again with FBI I install a Mset Rop (rxtools 2.x) (4.x)
    It installed fine and when I try to go in DS profil it do stuff and return homemenu (I guess it require some files on SD that I haven't)

    So now my question since you know my "profil"
    What can I do with that Mset exploit etc?
    Does it require additionnal things to attempt Nand dump etc ?
    (silly question maybe expert already tried it but I was just doing it for fun so please don't take the risk yourself I could have just have luck.)

    Any idea is welcomed also pardon me if that already been tried and also pardon my English actually it's not a language I master even after years ~
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