(old 3ds) dont boot (non brick) - Home menu games and apps wont open

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    Feb 25, 2017
    first when i pull the battery the console do not boot, the screens are in black like a brick (3d led is on) and when passed a time (one hour or +) its boot on homemenu but some icons and the "status bar" in the upper screen dont appear when i try to open apps/games the console freezes,
    in rare occasions the console boot normally but if i connect the console to internet its freezes again.
    and when i try to add or erase a wifi connection the console freezes.

    I Tried
    *Reset the Console xd
    *Pull out the battery and change it (opening the console i could insert a dsi XL battery)
    *Replace Wifi Card (i tried with 3 different wifi cards)
    *Change Nand (old nand in 9.2 and downloaded CTRtransfer and installed using decrypt9WIP)

    i have another problem (probably due the last problem):
    Nintendo DS Apps - Cartdige (dsi-ware and original cartdiges too) including Download Mode boots in a 1 flash white screen and after a black screen (i can hear the game so the game starts)

    i have a9lh with luma 6.6 and fw 11.3 (usa)

    This is the problem as i have (video)

    Thanks for your attention
    (and sorry for errors in my english xd)

    Edit: now the black screen on boot is fixed (i dont know why but ok)
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  3. sagametroid

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    Feb 25, 2017
    i ve already tried reinstalling twlfirm... but nothng happens...
    i hope the black screen on the nds - dsi apps is because a bug in some versions of luma