OLD 11.0.0-33U OFW, What are my options?

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    Nov 9, 2016
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    I have an old 3DS XL with 11.0.0-33U OFW. I have a Sky3DS+ and I installed Menuhax and can boot into the Homebrew Channel by holding L on 3DS startup. I am not doing a hardmod, and I may have access to my friends old 3DS that I'm pretty sure is below 11.0 since he hasn't used it in over a year. So I was thinking of trying the transfer method, but the problem is I don't even know where to start with his 3DS in the first place, but even that costs $5 (fieldrunners), and I'm not too interested in spending $5 on something I'm going to probably sell after I finish Pokemon Moon.

    My ultimate goal here is to run/install the CIA for Pokemon Moon. Think I should just wait for retail Pokemon Moon and a real dump that works on Sky3DS+?
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    If what I read is your purpose, you're best off waiting for retail dump to work on Sky3DS+