Okiwi going live in 2 weeks!

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    Oct 22, 2006

    The browser will be available soon and will support any flash carts that supports DLDI.

    *Copied from the site

    Which flashcarts will the browser work with?

    I've not handled FAT libraries subject yet, so what I've done till now should work with all of them.
    I plan to use Chishm's DLDI, so compatibility will be determined by its support of the different devices.

    Why do you ignore comments that users leave in the blog?

    I don't ignore them. The only thing is that I haven't enough time to answer one by one. That's
    the reason whay I make this little FAQ answering the questions you leave in the comments and
    some other inquietudes you pose in some forums.

    Why do you take so long to make a keyboard, when PALib would make the workload lighter?

    Because I'm not using PALib. I code by means of libnds. The keyboard is dinamically built using
    the GUI (Graphical User Interface) module.

    At least you should be getting a nice result.

    It's current appearance, not definitive, is this:


    Soon I will talk about the keyboard more in deep.

    When will the demo be ready?

    More than a demo, it will be an alpha version (in development stage). I had sense to name
    it like that since it's going to be a demonstration of what's done till now, which doesn't mean
    that the software is so advanced to consider it a beta.

    And, answering the question, I expect to finish it in two weeks or so. Realize that from that point
    there is less work to do than it's done yet. I also feel like Okiwi is finished.

    What will the demo include?

    Saying with more detail what I said in last post, it will be something like a browser test version which
    doesn't connect to the netwok. Therefore, I will display a document that will allow to demonstrate
    some rendering engine features, to get an idea.

    Doesn't it connect to the network?!

    I must follow some order, and I've decided to include network functionality when the rest of
    the modules reach a quite mature status.

    How is going the software to be distributed? (Or, by now, the demo.)

    The answer I gave in the first FAQ is still valid: as soon as there are files to download, links to them
    will appear at this website. (refering to http://okiwi.blogspot.com/)
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    Argh-ies. It's just a demo, doesn't connect to the network... Okiwi is still in a coma to me. (Although he has shown activities in his finger movement in the past few days. He's still alives doctors!)
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    Sep 19, 2006
    Old news, the demo is offline anyways. Gnirlfneo...come on!