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    Jan 26, 2012
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    I'd be willing to translate this game as I have an extensive knowledge of the Japanese language. However I know nothing about rom-hacking and therefore that makes this an impossible task without other's assistance.

    Is there any demand for this game to be translated as it will probably never get an official translation? Is there already an existing project? Would anyone like to start such a project?
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    I'd like to see it translated into English, due to some portions of the game being very confusing without any knowledge of Japanese. From what I understand, there haven't been ANY projects of any kind for this game, not even a menu patch.

    I'd start it, but I don't know more than a few Japanese words and I know even less about ROM hacking. I'd only be suited for beta testing for flash cart glitches or grammar errors.
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    A large amount of image work to do.
    text in the bmg files with an easy to edit pointer structure. so the text should be easy to get and edit. its just documenting the control codes (which I see a lot of).
    oh more importantly nftr fonts and ones that have one byte support. that means no re-encoding to fullwidth ro screwing around with special font hacks.
    I am going to have to take a second look with tinke as there are some 3d stuff that could need some work.

    also will need to look in the decompressed overlay files and the arm9... I have a feeling that that many overlays has to have text in it.


    I am busy - too busy with other projects... so just not now. If you are looking for the text its sjis (in ct2 code page 932).
    If you had emeditor you could open the bmg files directly (as sjis codepage). Strictly for dumping purposes. if you have any questions post here or p.m. me... I may not get back to you until I am done with digimon story lost evolution.

    Edit yet again 31/01/2012
    the bmg files are loaded directly into memory and the pointer structure doesn't make that much sense... I am gonna see what happens when I take off the bmg header. I was hoping some of those pointers were static (change in memory). OR like 7th dragon take the offset of the pointer add it to the pointer to get the actual pointer (which again I will check after I remove the BMG header). I may try reverse pointers - from the bottom of the file up...Otherwise I am not even a quarter of the way through dumping the graphics. On a hunch I took a look at some of the 3d graphic files - yes there is graphic text to translate in some of those files I won't know how much until I am done.
    Now that I have started dumping the graphics I believe I should have started with the text (the text will go quicker).

    this means that you are going to need a image editor, very specifically one with experience on crystaltile2's tile composition tool. There is a lot of repetitive imagery. So it should go quickly for most of the images. My suggestion is to go though and narrow down which images have the same common elements and do them in batches. I cannot offer help with the image editing even though I am very tempted by the ease most of these graphics could be edited, so far.

    oh and by and by the bmg files in this game are not the same as nsmb the bmg editor from that will not work.