Oh God, where do I put my Nands

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    Edit: I'm ashamed to have asked now, it seems pretty obvious. I was fooling with the USB card and the SD card is stacked with Wiiflow stuff is why I didn't notice, but they go in the SD:\nands\folder_name
    (presumably the last part depends on how you set up your system)
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    If you want to fully benefit nand channel loading by using other ( older ) cios revs than d2x2, for compatibility ( Major'sa Mask, Bonsai Barber, Konami Rebirth games- remaining vc system games work flawelessly )
    You NEED to have the nand in the ROOT of your USB HDD, SD card.
    ( nand can be dumped from usb loader GX directly for convenience )
    This allows you to use rev 17 and 19 of waninkoko cios for compatibility.
    You can set wich installed cios slot you want to use on a per game basis in usb loader gx.
    Wiiflow uses sneek/uneek way of setting up nanad dumps for save and channel loading, so does post loader.

    Wiiflow regarding you might want to consider using abdhulla terros masterpiece pack for wiiflow.
    It will save you alot of time setting up and configuring wiiflow, inculding all available emulator plugings. Highly recommended.
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    Screw that noise I just formatted and started over and decided to go with 100% Virtual Nand. Any game that won't load (I think you can add Mario Party 2 to that list, it stuck at the N64 screen for my nephew) I can just extract the wad and install with mod manager into my system's menu. I can then move the channels to the SD card and I know there's a way to play them from there but I haven't been able to figure it out, I probably need to fool around with some priloader hacks. Anyway they work fine from the systems menu.


    Oh but I'm not sure the Wad Manager can tell if you're installing too much because I got within 300 blocks of the limit and I'd hate to have someone try to install too much and brick their system because of me.
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    To play them when copied to the SD card you have to either trucha patch the system menu IOS (MMM can do this) which is somewhat risky, as it will brick your Wii if anything goes wrong and Priiloader won't work either since it also uses the system menu IOS. That being said, I've done this myself on a few Wiis and it worked fine for me.
    OR you can change the system menu IOS in Priiloader to use cIOS or any trucha patched IOS. This is safer since you can just change it back in Priiloader if it doesn't work. I've done it before to load burned discs from the disc channel but I haven't heard of anyone doing it to load installed wads from the SD card menu, so I can't guarantee that it'll work (but it should)
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    I can confirm that this second method works perfectly for loading installed wads from the SD Card Menu ^_^