Oh boy, I got issues

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by MrBubbles, Jul 3, 2009.

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    Hiya there folks, I had a Wii on System 4.00 working fine and dandy with region-free CIOSCORP as well as USB Loaders.

    I tried SoftMii 3 (big mistake) and I installed Patchmii and reinstalled CIOSCORP.

    Long story short, I been wasting time here with Preloader .29 and AnyRegionChanger to send it back to 3.2

    I can go to 3.2 just fine, but the moment I install CIOSCORP I get that nasty little SYSTEM CORRUPTED on boot-up.

    This is DRIVING me insane.

    I'm so fed up I just want to get a clean slate with homebrew stuff, just back to system 4.0 with no patchmii, etc.

    EDIT: I changed the IOS to 249 on Preloader and installed a couple wads like the CIOS60 (Even if I'm on 3.2 just to take precautions). I was going to update to 4.0 and it CRASHED right there. Oh boy. [​IMG]!
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    after you install cIOSCorp, run preloader to get into HBC, then install preloader AGAIN.