Official Wii U RetroArch Ultimate Build

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  1. WWUM

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    Sep 27, 2019
    Here is the official Wii U RetroArch Build By CrazyMac.
    Join our Facebook Group for around the clock support on the build and have access to the download link, V3 will be coming out in a few month and the only place you'll find it is on our Facebook group.

    • -55 System/Collections
    • -Custom Playlists
    • -11,000 Roms
    • -99.9% Artwork for all roms
    • -Full Complete port of the Bezel Project to the Wii U incorporating per rom, system & handheld bezels.
    • -All vertical roms automatically flipped 180 degrees, (by default they launch upside down for some strange reason)
    • -All playlists preconfigured to launch with correct emulator straight away.

    Links are in the YouTube description.
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  2. h_ivan13

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    Jan 26, 2017
    Nice, its possible to delete some systems and roms? i just want the basic nintendo home consoles.
  3. zantzue

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    Mar 14, 2009
    Basque Country
    They are not.

    Edit: You have to watch the video, visit the web and the links are there. Not all games run but it's a nice compilation and it's preconfigured!
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