[Official] They Buly Church


An investment to nothingness
Nov 12, 2016
I was bored, so I created a religion. It is a mix of other existing religions, soooooo

1) Peace and freedom in all of it's forms are basic requirements
2) There is no god, deity, spirit. This is atheistic religion, everything has to be proven by science
3) Even if there was, why would they care to save you, especially you
4) Religions such as Skiddoism are fake and should burn in the fires they started, and followers such as @Dionicio3 should be segregated in order to stop spreading the disease
5) Avoid anything too mainstream or part of the pop culture(being on this site isn't too mainstream)
6) Educate yourself, we already have too many idiots in the world
7) Have your own opinion, we have freedom, don't we?
8) Treat the others as you treat yourself, no matter the differences we have
9) Don't try to shovel your opinion down to others' throats
10) Unless you have something smart worth saying, keep your mouth shut, it is better to doubt that you are an idiot than making sure you are
11) Live your life like you won't live again. This is kinda true tbh
12) Listen to a broad variety of music, ranging from Classical, Jazz to Metal(except Nu Metal/Mallcore, but SOAD is an exception becuz they kick ass), of course excluding Pop
13) Dionicio is gay, no matter what he says(right @TheKingy34 @KevinX8 @B_E_P_I_S_M_A_N ?)
14) Being x-sexual is not bad
15) Be a nice and true person and be glad that you are alive
16) Be who you trully are :) (did I repeat myself?)

I may have repeated myself some times, they might be more declarations /shrug

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