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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Satummoo, Nov 2, 2006.

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    Oct 8, 2006
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    Hey, i'm officially introducing myself. I'm a freshman in college studying to be a music major in music performance. I recently sold my DS "phat" and have no system now. I'm a little confused if I should still get a DS (FFIII) or if later down the road, purchase a "New and Improved" version of the DS. If I were to get one now, i'm looking at ebay to try and find a good deal on a system. I'm not sure what color to go for but white is the cheapest option used on ebay and I was also thinking about getting a "broken" one to ship to nintendo and have it fixed under warrenty.
    I'd really like to get into the homebrew scene, I don't know anything about programing, but I do like modding things. I'm currently looking into what type of device to get but they're expensive, and if I got something, i'd want it to be worth the money.
    My last concern is weather or not to get a DS at all? Maybe save up later and get a Wii? I can't do both b/c I don't have the time to use both, but I think maybe getting a new DS would be the answer.
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    I would definately reccomend going for one at a local game store. New or used. As far as which one (phat or lite), thats preference on your end. While the Lite is sleek and has different brightnesses, the phat has the more heavier, stable feeling that some people prefer over the lightweight feeling.

    Since you want to get into the homebrew scene, you have to take your ds into consideration too. Since all the flash cart companies released different versions of their carts for the lite, they are not compatible unless they include a standard gba-cart sized adapter.

    Well, enjoy the scene and dont forget to have some pie [​IMG]