Odd glitch/issue in VBA GX v2.2.8 in vWii Mode

Discussion in 'Wii - Emulation and Homebrew' started by Melee85, Oct 25, 2013.

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    Mar 14, 2009
    Hi there. I don't know if anyone has experienced this sort of thing, but I've already tried looking up the issue on both Google and GBA Temp's forums and I haven't been able to find something similar to this, so I figure I'd give it a post. Apologies if I somehow didn't look hard enough!

    Lately I've been using VBA GX v2.2.8 on my Wii U via vWii mode (I do have a Wii, but I've moved all my stuff over to vWii for convenience sake) and I occasionally encounter this pretty weird issue with the emulator. Every once in a while the emulator has the tendency to do the following simultaneously:
    1. The game I'm currently playing will suddenly act like I'm using the Turbo mode, even though I didn't touch it at all, and will stay locked on Turbo.
    2. While in Turbo, the last button/buttons I pressed will remain stuck (For instance, I held "Up" to go into a door in Wario Land 1, he keeps automatically going in and out of the door while the game is sped up)
    Both problems persist until I press the Home button on the Wii Remote, and unplug the controller that is connected to it, before re-plugging it, then exiting the VBA GX Home Menu back into the current game.

    I am using a non-Motion+, Black Wii Remote controller with a Classic Controller Pro plugged in.

    Does anyone know the cause of the issue and how to fix it? :huh:

    I was messing about with a few emulators and programs yesterday, it turns out it is not a glitch in VBA GX. The issue occasionally seems to happen in other stuff I use as well. At one point when it glitched out, none of my classic controllers would work even when unplugged/replugged until I took the batteries out of my Wii Remote and put them back in, allowing the controller to be recognized again. I can conclude by this that it's the Wii remote itself that could potentially be the issue, and not a software glitch like I had originally assumed.

    The Wii Remote is black in color, but doesn't have Motion Plus built in, so it's still somewhat old but not a launch model controller.

    To recap, on occasion when using the Classic Controller Pro, sometimes it will glitch out and some of the inputs and analog stick will be stuck until I unplug the Classic Controller Pro from the Wii remote and plug it back in.
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