Odd Future Vs Esham - Esham & Danny Brown Collab DMT SESSIONS

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    Tyler the creator played at Detroit where he got bottles thrown and his teeth chipped or knocked out .
    Looks like Detroit rapper esham was the dude who caused it all.

    Esham takes a little drive by the Odd Future Tyler the Creator show at the Majestic in Detroit on May 16th. Check out the new Esham & Danny Brown collabo "DMT Sessions"
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    I don't even know much of anything on both sides but I really wasn't feeling this song. Do they have some type of beef?

    I've been absent from the hip-hop scene and my friends just recently put me onto Tyler The Creator and Odd Future which I'm also still iffy about until I get the chance to hear what they have...

    "Sausage fest" or not, that show still seemed to have a good amount of heads coming through so I smell a hater.

    EDIT: Just wanted to say lol at the 401 posts you have there since I'm from the 401.