Occasional Video Erros in SSBB

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    Jan 30, 2008
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    Well here is my interesting problem. It started off where it wouldn't play videos at all, as soon as it hit the intro video it would green screen saying it couldnt be read. So i skipped it, played subspace emissary and after the first fight it wouldnt read it at all. So then i burned it two more times, both with a layer break this time. Same thing happened. Opened up my wii, tried to turn the POT although it seemed like nothing changed, booted it up and the game played... for a while. After about 2 hours of playing i got more video errors. However, i was able to get past this by ejecting the disk and putting it back in. It would play a couple seconds then freeze again (or keep playing through). So i got frustrated, took it apart again, this time read the values of my pot. the initial value was 834, then it was turned down to 536. Started it up again, went to the point again where it crashed and it worked fine. However about 2-3 more hours in, i get to another screen and it crashes. I eventually skip the scene seeing if i can go past it and i can. Now an odd problem is coming up. The screen just goes black with no read error but the disk isnt spinning.

    Notes of interest:
    I originally cleaned the laser with vodka (since i didnt have any isopropyl alcohol at first)
    It was later cleaned with isopropyl alcohol with no improvement
    After i cleaned the laser the first time, when it started there were some strange almost grinding like sounds, giving me a black screen saying it couldnt be read, however once i rebooted it, it worked completely fine.
    The grinding sounds have happened once more after the initial and nothing in particular seem to incur them.
    Media used : Verbatim MKM 001 DVD+R DL 2.4x burned at 2.4x, 2 with layer break, 1 without.
    Burner: Pioneer 111D DVD drive

    Any ideas? i effing love the single player and want to get through badly.